TJ Fisher, Palm Beach Realtor

Tamara — TJ Fisher. ATYPICAL REALTOR. Rare species. Native Floridian and unique 35-yr Town of Palm Beach ("the Island") beach-block resident, w/New Orleans French Quarter 2nd home. Lifelong "Gold Coast" denizen.

Original real estate sales agent licensure in 1988, w/broker's license in 2000, certified general contractor license in 2002 and ASID interior designer/decorator licensure. Residential and commercial and owner builder/developer of varied multi-million-to-billion-dollar residential/commercial properties.

Development/redevelopment of Ritz-Carlton hotel projects, mixed-use and "city-within-a-city" projects, historic properties and land assemblages. A founding “Midtown Miami” partner.

Discrete. Confidential. Resilient. Knows ground-up construction. Specialist in under-the-radar and off-market deal-making. Understands the real estate and construction industries. 24/7 attention to details. Mega-million residential home and private estate sales and ownership history. (TJ's personal Palm Beach residence recently sold for four-and-a-half million dollars.)

Unaffected. Hardworking. Hands on. Inimitable "people person.” Experienced with scary smart hi-flier/low-flier clientele, Forbes 400 A-Listers, difficult persons, fame and fortune, misfortune and infamy, the noble and ignoble. Sense of humor in the DNA.

Acclaimed published author. Member of Producers Guild of America (PGA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), Writers Guild of America. (WGA). Innovative and unconventional real estate professional. Member of the Palm Beach Board of Realtors and the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches.

Exclusive boutique-style approach to selling and leasing unique homes, luxury estates, posh townhouses, in-town and oceanfront condos and commercial properties…of the Palm Beaches…a world apart. Specialist in select transactions, both sides of the bridges and railroad tracks, coastal areas comprised of some of the most expensive and sought-after sand in the world.

Inspired by the glittering to low-key and kitschy new rules of chic. Personalized service to far exceed the norm. Results-oriented.

All the wealth of the world passes through Palm Beach…Old Money, New Money, Little Money…Old Guard, New Guard, Outguard and Lifeguards…

"She is pure Alice in Wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are a nicely judged mix of the Red Queen and a Flamingo." — Truman Capote

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(561) 818-7529
Ambassador Realty Corp.,
Agent/Real Estate Specialist
30 years
Town of Palm Beach residential properties, and adjacent neighborhoods both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway; historic properties; commercial properties.

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TJ specializes in working with select Buyers. Real estate clients include celebrities, business professionals, private investors, hedge-funders and commercial developers. She understands the ultra-high net worth market. Well-experienced in the entire process from purchasing, land assemblages, building and zoning issues, designing, constructing, marketing, staging and selling, she remains firmly planted in the world of real estate development and the construction industry.

With a Town of Palm Beach homestead for more than 30 years and other upper-echelon homes in in quintessential locales, her past experiences and local heritage make her uniquely familiar with the ins and outs of the Palm Beach lifestyle. She possesses intimate knowledge of the community and its residents. TJ recently relocated to one of the uniquely vibrant West Palm historic neighborhoods.

Her detail-oriented professionalism and discretion coupled with substantial market knowledge and a deep understanding of clients' concerns was first honed during time spent in Advertising/PR agency work and in-house corporate media communications. Diverse projects spanned the United States, Caribbean and Europe. Former clients include Trammel Crow, Lincoln Properties, Taylor Woodrow and other homebuilders.

Friends call her a “never-say-die fighter who inspires.” She has the ability to handle any situation that comes her way. She possesses immense stamina, resiliency, and disciple, combined with great sensitivity and clear-sightedness. She cares deeply for others, with foresight, intuition and compassion. She is self-directed and understands perseverance to see things through.

TJ’s favorite quote about her is that, “She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, friendly and forthright. Negotiates strongly for her side. Unafraid to take a stand and fight for the best deal. She has competence, humility, integrity and grace. She is inventive and original with great wit and gift for storytelling.”

A former journalist and columnist, her award-winning nonfiction and fiction works include: Orléans Embrace and The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré, Hearsay from Heaven and Hades: New Orleans Secrets of Sinners and Saints, Vieux Carré Chic: The Art of Overindulgent Décor, The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Promenade Series — Baby Doll Gombo, Flambeau, Zin-Zin, Peristyle, Mascarade, Société, Procession.