We All Dream in Gold ®

We All Dream in Gold ®

Charity, causes, fellowship and “hands-on”

People- and pet-oriented TJ Fisher prefers to be actively hands-on with actions and deeds, good causes, fellowshipping and helping others, versus serving as a charity event ball chairman or luncheon chair person. She believes in the importance of not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another. She strives to consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. She is especially involved with the homeless, homeless outreach and shelter/housing issues, and has an extra soft spot for heroic veterans and military dogs.

She believes in the importance of not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another. She particularly enjoys the company of those from all walks of life who are pillars of faith, grace and hope; those unafraid to bear one another's burdens, with a unity of mind, understanding, sympathy, affection, brotherly love, kinship, a tender heart and a humble mind.

She is a fan of how Pope Francis and other spiritual leaders tell us to encounter and touch the needy, the sick, the poor, rather than helping them in a distant way.

"With Jesus and Saint Gaetano, we go to meet the most needy!" Pope Francis said. “It speaks of meeting people who have the greatest need, of those who need you to give them a hand, those we look at with love, with whom we share their pain or their anxieties, their problems. But the important thing is not looking at them from afar, or helping from afar. No, no! It is going to encounter them. This is the Christian! This is what Jesus taught: to go meet the most needy.”

The Pope illustrated his point for the thousands of devotees in the Liniers neighborhood of Buenos Aires by explaining what he asks people about giving to the poor.

“Do you give alms?”

“They tell me, ‘Yes, Father.’”

“And when you give alms do you look in the eyes of the people you give them to?”

‘Oh, I don’t know, I don’t notice.’”

“Look, he has not met the people. He threw the alms and left. When he gives the alms, does his hand touch (the hand of the poor) or does he toss the coin?”

“No, you throw the coin. And you have not touched, and if you did not touch him, you did not meet him.”

Pope Francis then told those at the procession, “What Jesus teaches us is first to meet, and (after) meeting, to help. We need to know how to meet. We need to build, to create, to construct a culture of encounter.”

“Your heart, when you meet those most in need, will begin to grow, grow, grow! Because the meeting multiplies our capacity to love. The encounter with the other enlarges the heart. Courage! 'By myself I just don't know what to do.' No, no, no! With Jesus and San Gaetano!.”

TJ believes that all people caught up in the material world, people of faith and no faith, struggle with different and complex attitudes that have been held towards poverty and wealth, charity and public welfare. She says, there are two trials before the individual: the test of wealth and the test of poverty... Both are difficult... but the test of wealth is greater than (the test of) poverty. She supports philanthropy, large donations to charitable causes, random acts of kindness and charity to others as being essential as oxygen.


TJ recently had the honor of attending a small intimate gathering with Nick Vujicic. The motivational speaker and evangelist was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs.

Nick travels the world, speaking to up to 800,000 at a time — streaming programs, meeting with governments, heads of state, schools, churches and advocacies, with this message of hope and love...helping others to face and make a difference in a world of bullying, hopelessness, suicide, aimlessness, despair, pain, suffering, negativity, hate, fear and self-pity.

TJ with the inspirational Nick Vujicic.

TJ with the inspirational Nick Vujicic.

The married businessman and father of four who heads-up an international non-profit and lives life far more fully than most more able-bodied persons says: "Failure is your classroom...dream big...obstacles are actually opportunities...your actions today determine what's probable...you don't know what's impossible until you know what's possible...don't be afraid to ask for help...be thankful for what you do have instead of being angry and bitter about what you don't have [or may have lost]…look people in the eyes, the windows to the soul. We don't know what miracles and incredible things come from our broken pieces."

Both Nick and TJ believe that people's emptiness and unhappiness often stems from a "lack of purpose." Writing checks for charity balls is not enough, not the same as "hands on" involvement that knocks you back on your heels … diving in and volunteering, doing good, "getting your hands dirty.” So true.

TJ agrees that society does afflict us with the terrible "looking for happiness" disease...we're all susceptible…yet found "happiness" is always very temporary and often toxic as well. Not always easy to be happy with the cards that life deals us, our lot in life and where are in life, who doesn't wish for something more, something given or a burden removed, but the mindset that "we will be happy WHEN..." will always leave us empty and let down. The time to be happy is now, regardless.

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