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TJ Fisher Recommendations
Sourced by Realtor.com

TJ Fisher Recommendations
Sourced by Realtor.com

TJ Fisher

tenacious • bold • quite the investigator • master craftswoman • funny • vivacious • amazing • one of a kind • rock star • protective • brilliant the best • exceptional realtor • spiritual • smart • professional • quick wit • new “Oprah” • go-getter • epitome of Palm Beach • resilient

a delight • dedicated • integrity • courage • boldness • dynamic personality • loyalty • sunny disposition • awesome • tireless • can handle “Type A” personalities • defies the norm • unshakable • GUSTO • resourceful • classy • Queen of Hearts • humor • savvy • shrewd • true gem

“Amazing broker.” — Philip Pilevsky

“I feel sorry for any other interested party...they don't have T.J. Fisher as their agent! Never fear...T.J. is here! Master craftswoman. Funny. Experienced and protective, that THAT she does exceptionally well. Rock star. Knows how to handle hard-case buyers. She is too much, amazing, scary thorough, always a step ahead. MASTER of the trade. Can matriculate any morass. Angel certification training! Always available and responsive. Exceptionally gracious and overwhelming patient as clients pursue their dream. Gives the full picture. Quite the investigator. Overflows others with possibilities, need an excel spread sheet to lay out all the options she gathers. All ranges. All prices. Plan A-Z! An angelic guide. Cookie cutter she is not. Handles difficult situations with aplomb. ‘Dr. Fisher’ hangs in to get over the finish line. Presses ahead regardless of obstacles. Assigned of God to minister to others. Spiritual and professional. Her books and movie will be sellers! I want movie rights!” — Bishop Harold Ray

“I have known TJ professionally and as a friend for over 20 years. She is very professional, dedicated, and reliable. I would definitely recommend her.” — Ricardo Fraga

“Highly recommended.” — Edie Laquer

"I have had the pleasure of knowing TJ for some time and working with her on a challenging real estate project. If you need something difficult and important done call TJ. She does her homework and does not cut corners. Pretty good at herding kittens as well. Would not hesitate to recommend her." — John Keeling

“What a great experience working with TJ. As the listing agent and owner of the house being sold having her representing the buyer was a relief and a pleasure! She followed through with every single task with tenacity, knowledge, experience, class and respect. Always willing and ready to go the extra mile. I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor to work with. I would highly recommend TJ to represent any seller or buyer. She is truly one of a kind!” — Kimberly Preiser

“If you are reading this because you're looking for a Realtor who will truly LISTEN to your needs and then work intelligently and tirelessly to find you the perfect property- look no further! Tamara's expertise and keen understanding of the market, combined with her people skills, make her a powerful resource for anyone seeking property in Palm Beach. Working with her is a delight — and you will be happy with the results!” — Bill Rau

Introducing TJ Fisher in one minute!

“Working with TJ Fisher … for the recent purchase of my apartment has been an outstanding and pleasurable experience. Her knowledgeable and skilled guidance paired with her personal sense of truly caring made the purchase a smooth transition. From the initial search to find the perfect apartment right through to the day of move In, she has been there with quick responses to my many questions and concerns. I give her a definite thumbs-up rating. Thanks again TJ!” — R. Scott Lalley

“To Whom this may concern: Tamara ‘TJ’ Fisher has been totally involved in the purchase of my new home from the onset! We researched and previewed many locations and she found the perfect fit for my lifestyle, an interior/architectural designer. TJ took care of every detail throughout the closing; contact with the seller's agent, attorneys, banks, coordinated with my partner in New York, the building management — all flawlessly! She is the best realtor I have ever worked with. She is also a lady of strong spiritual conviction and a devout churchgoer at historic St. Anne Church, where I am a member. I would recommend TJ in every respect with my sincerest blessings and wish you all the best in your new home! I remain in Christ.” — Raymond J. Cuminale-Russo

“Tamara Fisher is smart, knows the market, incredible negotiator, and extremely reliable. She got me an incredible property and deal expediently. She is probably one of the best Real Estate agents I have ever worked with.” — Patricia

“She has been an instant blessing to my life! TJ Fisher first impresses with her smile and her open heart making it very easy to become her friend! She sincerely knows how to listen not only to words but to the emotion and sincerity behind one’s words! She quickly can assess a person’s talents and strengths as well as their weaknesses and darknesses! She is quick wit and jovial but also serious and compassionate. I think that if she had her own reality show she might in a very short time be considered the new “Oprah” and more!” — Rev. John Mericantante, Pastor Emeritus of St. Mary, Pahokee, Florida

“TJ has always been a real ‘go-getter.’ Never underestimate her ability to get the job done.” — Ron Schram

“T.J. Fisher is Miss Palm Beach — the epitome of Palm Beach.” — Pastor Brenda Ray

“TJ is an absolute joy. She has a wonderful soul and is filled with integrity. — Rabbi Michael Resnick

“I have known Tamara for over 20 years! Wonderful, professional with a great attitude to her clients and colleagues.” — Martha Greenwald

“By far TJ is the best realtor out there.” — Roy Guste

“Her desire to make a sale perfect is evident in her search for the right property. Working with TJ on any real estate project is sheer pleasure and joy.” — Dorian Bennett, Dorian Bennett Sotheby International Realty

“I can’t say enough good things about TJ. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and full of passion.” — Sloane Russeck

“TJ is a very knowledgeable person and an expert in her marketplace. She is diligent, follow-thru person who will take on a task and complete it in a timely manner with the utmost of professionalism. You won't be disappointed in working with TJ.” — Debra Quinn Petkanas Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty

“I have known TJ and both personally and professionally over 20 years. It is always a treat to get an excuse to get in touch with her. Her personality can brighten the darkest days and her professionalism is rarely equaled. I look forward to being able to continue a wonderful friendship and business relationship with TJ for many years to come. I can wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation, and there are very few I can say that about.” — Capt. Charles M. Royhl

“Known TJ for 6 years since working on a big project in New Orleans. She is smart, tireless and focused in everything she does.” — Steve Peer

“I highly recommend TJ. In addition to being brilliant and talented, she is kind, considerate and passionate about everything she does. You will not be disappointed!” — Karen Mathis

“My experiences with TJ have been professional and enjoyable. She was kind enough to refer a client to Home Title America which is my title insurance company. The transaction went very smoothly and all parties were happy when the closing was completed. TJ showed substantial knowledge in all facets of the contract and closing process. I was so impressed with her capabilities that I referred a client to her, knowing full well that she would be prepared with answers to all questions. My Client was very pleased with her experience and we all hope that it will result in a contract in the very near future. I look forward to a long term, beneficial relationship with TJ.” — Bill Jacobson

“If you need any real estate in Palm Beach, TJ is the person to talk to. She will always exceed your expectations.” — Xavier Garcia

“Without question, Ms. Tamara T.J. Fisher has been an absolute delight to work with, as we conduct a thorough search for a new residence. T.J. is extremely knowledgeable about available properties, and their respective pros and cons, given demographics, and associated trends, as balanced with our personal housing and lifestyle needs. Her dedication to achieving desired objectives, and her aggressive, yet professional persistence has simply been amazing. Her investigation and feedback regarding related issues and concerns of any of our targeted properties has been spectacular! Despite our meandering attraction to targeted homes, which we have changed back and forth almost daily, T.J. has met our request for every successive inquiry with immediacy, professionalism, and a clear disposition to simply help us achieve whatever are our stated desires. While being careful to never impose her personal desires and tastes upon us, she has nonetheless been a valuable and wise guide, and friend, helping us to prioritize our searches, without diluting our exploratory preferences. I recommend Ms. T.J. Fisher … for any and all real estate needs you might have today, or in the future.” — H. C. Ray


“Tamara is a woman for all seasons. She has patience, honesty, integrity, courage, boldness, endurance and stamina.” — Ismail

“Tamara Fisher’s dynamic personality, loyalty, devotedness and expertise set her apart and enable her to successfully procure the goals of discriminating buyers and sellers.” — Peter Amoruso

“Tamara is a classy, knowledgeable, and successful lady, which makes her a great realtor. If you need to get your property moving or move to a new property, she is the one to help.” — Peter Ticktin

“TJ is tireless and dedicated, loyal and faithful, ingenious and resourceful, NOT a Prima Donna. Fearless. Meshes well with and can handle “Type A” and all types of personalities and temperaments!” — Peter Arey

“TJ is an angel—extremely smart and experienced. Knows what she is doing.” — Abner

“The real estate agent for difficult people and deals!” — Edmund D.

“TJ Fisher rocks. She knows what she is doing. She can sell. Never doubt her ability. There are very few exceptional real estate agents. She is one of the few.” — Mandy Spencer

“I have known T.J. Fisher since 2003. She is very passionate about her work and her commitment to people is unprecedented. I first met T.J. when I helped her establish the Rufus Fisher Fund at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her heart and passion to help people is evident! She will go above and beyond to assist you with your real estate needs.” — Tim Dykes

“TJ Fisher is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve ever encountered. She takes personal service seriously, and always gives you her full attention. Besides her optimism and sunny disposition, she strives to make her clients feel at home and that they are comfortable with their choices.” — R.U. Allman

“TJ Fisher is a rare agent that sees the potential, the opportunity and what a person needs. She has a real skill in selecting properties that are not only good investments but also cost efficient. A true people person TJ has one of the most vivacious personalities.” — Lissy Peace

“Honest, dependable, reliable... nothing can stop Tamara Fisher. Truly extraordinary and knowledgeable individual for all you real estate needs.” — Michael J Nicholas PhD

“Awesome personality.” — Cynthia M Goodspeed

“Highly successful, high energy and dynamic agent. Strongly recommend!” — Kevin O'Donnell

“TJ Fisher is someone who once she has a project, she will never, ever let you down. Meaning that she’s in it for the long haul, she will never, ever, ever, let somebody take advantage of her real estate customer. She’s loyal to a fault, in a beautiful way. And that’s it. Tenacious is her middle name. She's a fighter but she also doesn’t take on a fight that she doesn’t think is worthy. She takes on a fight only because she thinks it’s worthy and then she puts in her heart and soul into it. There are few words that describe her. She’s dedicated and works harder than most people I’ve ever known. She has energy for the people who deserve it. She doesn’t take on a project unless she really believes in it. And when she takes on a project, that’s it. She will never, ever let people down. And that’s the truth. (I’ve known her for 23 years and was the “Best Woman” at her wedding!)” — Alexandra Harrison

“TJ is an angel.” — Alonzo

“My recent experience with TJ was professional and enjoyable. She was kind enough to refer a client for closing services to Home Title America, my title insurance company. The transaction went very smoothly and all parties were happy when the closing was completed. TJ was knowledgeable about all aspects of the transaction. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future.” — Bill Jacobson

“TJ Fisher is a longtime friend and great realtor. Her personal touch along with a well-rounded knowledge on the market makes her the only person I use for my all my real-estate needs. Thank you for all you have done. You are the best!! Monique Roy-Cooper.” — Monique Roy-Cooper

“Tamara was relentless in finding me a winter respite in February in Palm Beach area when everything with any luxury was no longer to be found so late in the season. I had given up, but she hadn’t, & found me the perfect hideaway away from madding crowds & with a big yard for my Spaniel & Greyhound. I highly recommend her — she should be called Tenacity Fisher!” — Carole

“I have always admired Tamara-Jeanne Fisher for her various talents and great tenacity.” — Evelyn Harrison

“TJ Fisher defies the norm and shakes up the status quo with boldness and assurance. She is as resilient as the unsinkable Molly Brown! She is a consummate professional but yet entirely atypical and outside the box. Her advice is sound. She speaks from familiarity and knowhow, with the actual personal knowledge not obtained from books. She is able to identify with and relate to people and situations in ways that others cannot. A very strong woman with personality plus who is known for her big smile and entertaining stories, TJ does not hesitate to tackle seemingly unsolvable or insurmountable problems. She is a special realtor to have on your side!” — Capri Welch


“I’ve had the privilege to know TJ Fisher as a friend and business person for many years. She has acumen, intellect and wisdom.” — Dennis Cameron, Jr.

“T J Fisher would be my choice of a realtor, she pays attention to people when they talk, therefore will find the ideal property, you are looking for, she pays such attention to details of properties, and that is from her love of old and new homes, and buildings, as if she was looking for herself. She will make sure, you find the home, that suits you best.” — Jack A Jones

“TJ is just delightful. One of the smartest people I've ever known! Whatever she does, she does it with GUSTO!” — Danni Cuevas

“In my long career as a professor of medicine, I have learned the importance of surrounding myself with professionals who know their business. I’ve worked with Ms. Fisher on several property transactions.” — Dr. Steve Lesser, MD

“TJ Fisher is an amazing and talented lady who is tough and resilient with a great sense of humor. She has weathered many storms with great success and wears many hats so well. Plus, she understands [Southern Louisiana].” — Billy Broadhurst.”

“To all my friends who need a real estate agent to represent their needs in Florida, who better than TJ Fisher, my good friend and former Rose of Tralee contestant in Ireland. I have known TJ for many, many years and know she takes her job very seriously. I highly recommend her.” — Danny O’Flaherty

“Mrs. TJ Fisher has a lot of talent. She finds treasures in every property and have a great sense of your needs. If you want to have the best experience go with her.” — Jeannette

“The Ticktin Law Group fully recommends Ms. Fisher. She is an extremely dedicated and passionate. Ms. Fisher is also an excellent communicator, which is a necessary quality of a successful professional. We are confident Ms. Fisher will represent her client’s interests extremely well.” — Ticktin Law Group

“I have known TJ Fisher for close to 20 years. She is as tenacious and driven in business as any person I have been associated with. When she takes on a project Fisher's determination and persistence has always produced successful results. Looking for real estate in the Palm Beaches I would always turn to TJ to provide the best information and research. Her knowledge of the area, its communities and businesses gives her a definite advantage over other groups. I have always found her to be extremely forthcoming and resourceful.” — Lawrence A. Creeger President, EventMakers-USA, Inc. Chairman, American Constitution Spirit Foundation and Managing Producer, National Constitution Plaque Initiative

“Simply the Best — always amazing! A caring and thoughtful individual that always goes the extra mile and never drops the ball. She never disappoints.”
— Marty Farrell

“An off the chart highest recommendation for the consummate real estate professional who is a take charge person to guide you thru the complexities from a soup to nuts development from five star hotels with major experience and expertise with land assemblages. A true genius in matching a buyer to both commercial and residential properties. A go getter who never ceases to amaze. She does it all with tremendous enthusiasm. A member of many prestigious organizations but what is most impressive to me is her unique status as a woman who beat all odds to become licensed as a certified general contractor in the State of Florida. Most impressive!” — William Kranke

“Giving serious consideration to retiring in PB AREA, would not consider any other Professional Realtor, but TJ.” — Harvey Needle

“I have had the pleasure of knowing TJ as a friend and coworker for many years. Her energy has no bounds! Old world Palm Beacher, New Orleans trend setter and fun loving, she has never failed to reach her goals. TJ's sense of style is unsurpassed. Her dedication to your needs doesn't ever fail. Sorry I'm not in the market for a property! Highly recommended! Five stars.” — Marianna Hurwitch

“TJ is a wonderful, dynamic, bright and hardworking friend. TJ is very capable, loyal, and diligent about everything that she pursues which makes her a stand out realtor. I am happy to support and recommend TJ.” — Theresa Lawrence

“I have known and worked with TJ for a number of years. Her impressive credentials are perfectly paired with her exuberant, knowledgeable approach to all that she does. A natural relationship builder, TJ is renowned for her sincerity and ability to see opportunity when others see challenge. Eloquent and incredibly resourceful, TJ prides herself in providing top-notch service using her own vast experiences as developer, builder, buyer, and seller in many upscale markets. In short, TJ is an invaluable asset to anyone in need of a multi-dimensional, charismatic, realtor who truly understands how to successfully navigate the most minute details of any real estate transaction!” — Terry Bowie

“I have known TJ for over 18 years. She has an infectious enthusiasm for work and life. Highly intelligent, warm and compassionate, TJ has an outgoing personality, a delightful sense of humor, and is a loyal friend. She is someone I trust implicitly.” — Prof. Dennis Brooks

“If you are looking for residential or commercial broker, I can highly recommend TJ Fisher for outstanding service, professionalism, and most importantly, the expertise and experience of a seasoned realtor who knows the market inside and out. TJ will get you to the finish line in First Place because the winner's circle is always where you want to be in real estate transactions. She's the ‘Go To’ realtor, as much a partner as a broker. TJ's attention to detail, brilliant negotiation skills, dedication, and moral/professional high standards make the entire ‘process’ a lot less stressful for the client. And that's saying a lot!!” — Anne O'Brien

“Fantastic, knowledgeable, easy to work with. Whether buying or selling T.J.'s skills place you first.” — Al Thompson

“If you want someone on your side that will go to battle for you with your best interests in mind, I highly recommend TJ for the job! TJ puts her heart and soul into everything she does. The life experiences TJ has had gives her the unique ability to confidently get the job done with a passion that comes straight from her heart. Probably most realtors have the knowledge to buy and sell properties but TJ brings something else to the table. The ability to see clearly what her clients want, with a down to earth motherly (as in mother bear) way of protecting their interests and making the deal happen.” — Bo Reich, DVM

“TJ Fisher has all the tools of a successful real estate sales agent—persistence, accessibility, diligence, grace, knowledge, vision and intelligence---and her light-hearted, go with the flow humor is a plus!” — Johnny Goldstein

“TJ is the most dedicated and savvy real estate realtor you will find. She is also very entertaining so your pursuit of that perfect property is guaranteed to be fun. Take the stress out of buying your next home with TJ as your agent. Believe me, you want her on your side of the negotiation.” — Kate Griffith

“The highest recommendation is given to Tamara Fisher for her work in real estate and any other venture she might undertake. She’s passionate about people and business. Her vibrant mind is always thinking. She seeks justice for others. Well-versed in both residential and commercial properties, she’s unusually strongminded and buoyant. She is an indomitable and committed person who follows through on her word and visions no matter the number of obstacles. She is a hero to many. She shares her stories and insight with ease. ‘TJ,’ as she is called, can and does find unique solutions and approaches to tackling problem-solving head-on. A lifelong Floridian and Palm Beacher (and longtime part-time French Quarter resident), she’s an unusual concoction of ‘Old World’ and ‘New’ Palm Beach, mixed in with New Orleans “seize the day” spunk and spirit for good measure. Her real estate savviness is spot-on, whether it be a prominent Ritz-Carlton hotel/residence property, a trophy estate mansion, small bungalow or rental. She’s savvy and shrewd and gifted with great instincts. A colorful character known for her big hats, she’s fearless, works 24/7, never gives up, takes a stand for the right reasons and treats people from all walks of life the same. She’s highly personable with an engaging personality. TJ Fisher is kind and patient, generous of herself and fun to be around. She has a good heart. It is my pleasure to recommend her as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation.” — Rabbi Harry

“I had my pick of Palm Beach realtors to work with but choose Tamara (native Floridian and Gator). She found the right property. She’s a great people person and real estate matchmaker. Enjoyed working with her and her colleague Ben Johnson. Impressed to learn she sat for her Broker’s and GC licenses.” — Gary Rogers [2002]

“You will not find anyone quite like TJ and putting your interests first. She is very knowledgeable, detailed, honest and loyal. A true gem in Palm Beach!” — Nina

“Tamara has chutzpah and style. I first encountered her in 1982, in New York. She made an indelible impression, then and now. Nothing intimidates her. She does not back down. Tamara can hold her own with anyone, in any business environment or personal situation. And she enjoys Panettone and Grappa! She is truly a special lady, a class act. Her wry wit, intelligence and personality underscore her many unique triumphs and accomplishments. She keeps her word. Compassion is at her core. There is nobody quite like her. She is all-original, with no mold. Tamara understands trust, confidence, discretion and fiduciary. Palm Beach suits her. Salute!” — Lee [Leandro P. Rizzuto, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Conair Corporation, comments given in 2000]

TJ is an experienced Realtor, who has a vast knowledge of the Palm Beaches. She is also enjoyable to work with, very cooperative and thoughtful. Highly recommended.” — Matthew Natale

“There is nothing “ordinary” about TJ. She has led an interesting life and it shows. She has a special knack for working with difficult, demanding and unreasonable people. Successfully working with buyers and sellers of luxury real estate takes a unique kind of grace, diplomacy, intimate knowledge and experience. TJ Fisher possesses a certain charm, wit, brashness, resiliency, fortitude a and character that not everyone has. She has an engaging personality and quickly figures out creative solutions to problems and issues. Have known her for 20 years. She is not your typical realtor.” — Robin Beans

“A fresh change is coming. Our Palm Beach property market is craving and deserves the arrival of this unique agent breed. TJ goes beyond where angels fear to tread. A ground-breaking negotiator and strategist TJ has the ability to work inclusively and creatively with all clients. No matter the challenge of interfacing with difficult situations or impossible demanding people TJ's forte is to accomplish your goals. The Queen of hearts and class TJ's extraordinary eye for detail, style and trend setting is unsurpassed. Embrace the new you. Explore your massive potential. It starts here. A realtor who exudes talent, vision, compassion and an exemplary work ethic TJ will deliver hands down on your dream home and ultimate lifestyle.” — Di Harris

“TJ is a one of a kind Realtor and Friend! We were not friends to start with but moments after meeting her I knew we would be lifelong friends! TJ has a wealth of experience in Real Estate, Negotiating, and Closing. She listened closely to hear my needs to ensure she best utilized our time with showings! TJ has a heart of Gold, her talents will exceed all of your expectations!” — Kay Tonini

“Well, she is very impressive. Amazing person. Special in a sea of real estate agents. Glad to see her back in the business. She is golden and will find tremendous success. I trust her judgment. She is a dynamo, with a great sense of design and a unique talent to match people and properties. Her enthusiasm is contagious.” — Johnathan M. Smith

“I recently worked with Palm Beach Realtor, TJ Fisher, that raised the standard of excellence up a notch. Her knowledge of the Palm beach market, tenacious investigative skills and ability to negotiate best price delivered the property I wanted. I don't live in the area so TJ Fisher became my eyes, ears and heart sending videos, and photographs of properties and neighborhoods. Her constant contact, ability to navigate the ever-changing market and gracious demeanor shepherded me to my dream property.” — Patricia Sklar-Brooks


“TJ Fisher and her realtor team go beyond where angels fear to tread. Our realtor, the ground-breaking negotiator and strategist TJ Fisher, has the ability to work inclusively and creatively with all of her clients. No matter the challenge of interfacing with difficult situations or impossible demanding people TJ’s forte is to accomplish your goals. The queen of hearts and class TJ’s extraordinary eye for detail, style and trend setting is unsurpassed. Embrace the new you. Explore your massive potential. It starts here … with a Realtor who exudes talent, vision, compassion and an exemplary work ethics delivering hands down on your dream home and ultimate lifestyle.” — Matthew Harris

“She’s [TJ], like, amazing. Blue-chip, stealth but flamboyant with good instincts and not into the class thing. … Unusual Palm Beach socialite and real estate developer.” — Johnnie Cochran [New Orleans, 2002]

“Hobnobbing with the rich and infamous.” — Dominque Dunne [2008]

“TJ excels at complex real estate transactions. I highly recommend her.” — Richard Winelander

“Tamara Fisher is an absolute joy to know and work with in real estate. Tamara is an ultimate professional with a dynamic personality that is bigger than life. Tamara is dedicated, devoted, loyal and steadfast not only as an experienced real estate agent but also to her friends and everyone she encounters. Tamara lives life to the fullest. She is a true example of a strong woman that can overcome all obstacles and triumphs over adversity with resilience and integrity.” — Wendy Roberts

“TJ is an extremely conscientious & caring realtor who is always readily available any time day/night! She thinks outside the box and is an excellent realtor!” — Caren Marder

“As a real estate broker and owner of 6 real estate firms in my career, hiring agents, meeting the public and working with so many different business people, I can sense if someone is smart, talented and special in their own right. TJ Fisher is just such a person. I have known TJ for several years, first as a friend, then through business, and finally became “family” with her when she agreed to join my team at Ambassador Realty Corp. TJ is the most focused, sensitive, driven and determined individual I have ever met. She has an incredible work ethic and it is her personality and the ability to cut to the matter of any transaction, discussion or issue and come up with a solution that will work that shouts of her professional value. She has an extensive background in building and construction and holds a General Contractor’s license in Florida. She has been involved in real estate for most of her professional career and was instrumental in many large and prestigious projects in her home town of New Orleans. A Palm Beacher for over 20 years, TJ is knowledgeable of the social, wealthy and elite people there here well as the same group in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Her dedication knows no bounds and she is the first agent in my firm I will call with a difficult transaction, unusual deal or need for quick and thoughtful action in working with a new client. My trust in her is total and has been since the day we met.” — Sally Kimball

“I met TJ during the course of business and was immediately impressed by her warmth and professionalism. TJ has been such a pleasure to work with and easy to get to know. I am so very happy to call her my friend, it is clear that she has a heart of gold and goes above and beyond to help all that cross her path.” — Maureen M Greene

“Grand and glamorous with a sparkling personality and great humor, Ms. Tamara Fisher is a classy lady with grit and grace. She can handle anything, like a strong queen. Tamara or 'TJ' as her friends call her is a newsmaker who knows how to stand out, weigh in and not give up. She’s unafraid to court controversy and always brings a new perspective to the table. She knows how to be dramatic, in the grandest fashion. TJ is fun and smart, never pretentious, a true 'Florida / Louisiana girl' -- author, realtor and real estate developer with entertaining stories to tell and interesting friends in high and low places. She’s an engaging lady with unique charm, adept at handling the unforeseen. Beautiful inside and out, and extremely witty, she’s the real deal. She’s always doing something interesting and lives an extraordinary life. TJ never fails to surprise me with what she is up to. Lots of palace intrigue. She brings light into any room she enters. I’m her biggest fan.“ — John

“I met TJ in the Fall of 2010. Over the years I have had a chance to work with her in two different professions, high fashion and real estate. I would best describe TJ as a startling crossroads of the French Quarter meets Palm Beach. An extraordinary and vivacious personality with infinite layers of intelligence, eloquence, independence and command. She has proven herself to be tireless in the fight for a good cause while alternatively, she can be fabulously humorous just for a good laugh. Delightful and focused with boundless energy and an unparalleled flare for fashion, I am proud to know her and call her friend.“ — Dove

“Tamara Fisher is an absolute joy to know and work with in real estate. Tamara is an ultimate professional with a dynamic personality that is bigger than life. Tamara is dedicated, devoted, loyal and steadfast not only as an experienced real estate agent but also to her friends and everyone she encounters. Tamara lives life to the fullest. She is a true example of a strong woman that can overcome all obstacles and triumphs over adversity with resilience and integrity.” — Wendy Roberts

“TJ was an absolute dynamo in helping both sides of our deal feel at ease. We will use her again. Very knowledgeable in all things WPB.” — Brett Harris

“I believe in you [TJ]. You’re quick-witted and fearless. Hornet’s nests don’t faze you. You stick to your guns …. you stand your ground and don’t back down. I admire that. You’re unafraid to speak out and own the court of public opinion. … Newsmaker with star power.” — Glenn Selig

“Hey kids, what time is it? TJ Fisher time!” — Dr. Fredrick Brandt

“Blonde Matisse … real estate developer … high-self friends.” — Oribe

“That I could spot you in a crowd of probably 1000 people … in and of its self defines your uniqueness… Unmistakeable aura that surrounds you. … I remember taking you to Miami to do your TV interview promotion for your book. … Your resume is beyond impressive. … Your obvious outer beauty and priceless smile is a reflection of your inner soul. You’ve definitely got the “IT” factor working overtime.” — Dan Fidel


“My name is Dorian Baxter and I have known Tj for over a decade. I am an Episcopalian Archbishop in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Not only is Tj a very talented writer and author of spectacular photographic books that highlight the magnificence attached to the great city of New Orleans but she is a highly articulate, creative and vivacious personality. In my view she is truly a product of all that is good in America and I consider the organization that is able to secure her professional services will be fortunate indeed! Tj has also been blessed with a charm and charisma that beckons those within her realm of influence to feel compelled to listen to and appreciate her superb communication skills. She is remarkably able to agree to disagree with others and she has the great gift of doing so in a truly amicable manner. This enables people to enjoy her brilliance of thought without ever feeling threatened. I could go on and on at the risk of appearing effusive.” — Dorian Baxter

“The dynamics of your background and how you give back, is incredible. You are in a class of your own TJ!” — Steve Condit

“With an incredible fashion style and keen eye sensibility TJ will always be the one to turn to for your real estate needs. She is the organized and intelligent force behind that style and grace she wears which has proven to land excellent end results. Thank you for the opportunity to write this recommendation.” — MMR

“TJ is the best. She thinks ‘out of the box’ and ALWAYS gets the job done! When I need a realtor to handle my transactions, I use TJ, period!” — Francesco Bragano

“TJ is both extraordinarily tenacious and beautifully gracious at the same time. She never lets up and does not recognize ‘clock issues’ when working for you. When working with her as an agent, you will know that she puts an extraordinarily bright mind (and unconventional when needed) at work for your goals. You can't do better!” — Jim

“Tamara is a one-of-a-kind woman never to be forgotten. She is one of the smartest, most multi-talented and hardworking people you will ever meet. She leaves a mark. We go way back. Regarding Palm Beach real estate, one of her earliest clients was Daniel Abraham, the founder of Slim-Fast. Every realtor in town was after him. Tamara initially rented Danny an oceanfront condo and then sold him his first Palm Beach Biltmore Condo unit. She handled the relocation of his company Thompson Medical, the deal to move headquarters from New York to the downtown West Palm Beach Esperanté high-rise. She also secured a variety of housing for his key executives and employees. I recall her multifaceted career timeline when she did PR, promotions and marketing campaigns for developers (and diverse projects) in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and the Caribbean. She is a developer in her own right, having reimagined and forever changed large swathes of the Miami skyline and mixed-use urbanscape—residential condos, offices, hospitality, retail, cultural, entertainment.” — Brent G.

“#andisaQueenofHearts!!! Trust me all Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate, TJ is on TOP of her game! Till we meet again!“ — Brian McMahon

“You are my hero when it comes to anything! Many thanks to people like you! You are up for the challenge! You have taken on many challenges in life prior. You always find a way to the top yet again! You are steadfast with all the good Karma! You just grab on to that PHOENIX and don’t let go until it has risen to the sky and is soaring on the winds of life! Miss you! The French Quarter will never be the same without you. It has been some time now. Well, if in 15 years you are not still sitting behind the Steering Wheel of that RIDE OF THE GODS, I will come and put you behind the wheel of the Goddess Mobile myself! You! And only you can pull it off! Love it! Love you always! You are missed by so many people! You are VERY MUCH MISSED!!!!!!!! There is no excitement left on our block!!!! Since you have gone, the energy, excitement and fun no longer with us!!! (sorry I will not be sad). With all my LOVE! Cheers.” — Scott Thompson

“So much fun! Funny, fearless, skinny bitch (LOL), YESSSSS, and always en vogue!” — Shannon Watters

“TJ, u remain such an Angel. … U rock, lady.” — John Biondo

“Your light shines through … Confirmation from a priest. I like that! That’s no coincidence.… This current situation going forward is a miracle. … Keep on truckin’ God Squad! … I am definitely with you in spirit, always.”— D. G.

“A realtor, writer and passionate Floridian and New Orleanian, TJ Fisher is a go-getter if ever there was one! With a flair for the written word, her beautiful prose conjures up vivid images of whatever she chooses to write about... Her sense of style and mode of dress are fun and charming and she also has a flair for choosing very interesting names for her pets!”— Jessica Keet

“Tamara is the type of person who can give an honest evaluation of the wants and needs to both the buyers and sellers of Palm Beach real estate drawing upon her extensive knowledge and life experience as a native Floridian and community member. In my opinion, she is a fighter for everything good and right, not only in her own life, but for anyone who comes into her life that needs a fierce loyalty to facilitate making their dreams come true. She is single minded, dedicated, and smart. That is the kind of person you want on your side when you are buying or selling your property, someone you can put your total trust in for help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellence in her profession.” – Debra de Souza

“A gal who marches to a different drummer, Tamara “TJ” Fisher has so many attributes it’s really hard to put into words. TJ is an acclaimed author, film producer,  film director, license general contractor, real estate developer, restorer of historic properties, and a native Floridian and 35-year resident of Palm Beach. She spent many interesting years in New Orleans, where she had a second home in the French Quarter, where she also earned her A.S.I.D Interior Designer license. TJ has developed Ritz-Carlton Hotel properties, historic renovations, land assemblages for developers and mixed-use projects. Her tenacious, maverick attitude, quirky yet tireless energy puts her in a class of her own. Once you meet this outrageous, intelligent and high-voltage blonde, you will find it absolutely impossible to forget her.” – Ambassador Realty Corp Owner/Broker Sally Kimball

"Now this lady is a badass!!! Love you TJ!" — K.C. Tuckness

“TJ Fisher is an extraordinary person with exceptional flair and style. She understands the people and culture of Palm Beach and knows how to celebrate its uniqueness. A wonderful kind-hearted person that you will be blessed to know.” — Pastor Raphael Giglio

“TJ … you know I’ve been at fan of yours for years You have incredible energy… Very special and interesting person… Of course I love you TJ … I think you are one of the most interesting, intelligent girls I’ve ever known. I love to be around you because you are so inspirational.” — Toni Hollis

“I have known TJ for over 20 years, and she is one of the most energetic and interesting women I know. Always full of spunk and fun to be around.” — Simone A Desiderio, Corcoran

“The great personality of Tamara Jeanne Fisher is the key opening door to the excellence of South Florida. The tiny secure passage to the Palm Beach Island’s heart. The brilliance of savoir faire. She is the pearl of genuine perfection. The talented writer who unveiled the jewel’s hidden beauty to the lucky ones. All the best always.” — Princess Tatiana Rom

“I have known TJ many years & my admiration for her & her professionalism, is unwavering... I recommend her highly for anyone that is looking for someone, that is simply the best!” — David Byler

“Dedicated, tenacious and hardworking, TJ Fisher knows Palm Beach inside and out, she will tirelessly work to produce the outcome you want and make it fun in the process! I have no reservations in recommending her as the consummate real estate professional - or for anything else she puts her mind to. She is the only person I would consider for real estate services in the greater Palm Beach area.” — Irene Singletary, Administrator, Prevtech Corporation

“I’ve known Tamara Jeanne-Fisher over several lifetimes, she is definitely the most spectacular ambassador of good taste in all aspects of life — from her lifestyle and the homes she lives in to the homes she offers to sell! She is a genuine design guru! Charming! Honest! Charismatic! Energetic! Savvy! Stellar!” — Skip Bolen

“Energy and intelligence. These are two essential ingredients that every real estate professional must have. Intelligence without energy will get you nowhere; and energy without intelligence will get you in trouble. TJ Fisher's extraordinary energy and the intelligence make her uniquely qualified to handle the relationships, red tape, and details that you will encounter in your next real estate deal. My ‘Step One’ recommendation for any person considering a real estate deal is: Get TJ on your team!” — James Schwitalla, Esquire

“Colorful and authentic with savoir faire.” — John De Medeiros

“Superior client relations, creative problem-solving methods, relentless compassionate support, and sincere unselfish concern for the client's best interest. No one is more resilient than TJ and her ability to bounce back from adversity higher than a Wham-O SuperBall akin to a Marvel superhero on steroids. (TJ - you are an amazing woman. The obstacles you have blown through unscathed is beyond belief.)” — Paul "Dr. J" Jacobson, MD YouTube Filmmaker


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