We All Dream in Gold ®

We All Dream in Gold ®

Behind-the-scenes chat with TJ:

Greetings from Palm Beach, Florida.

Hello, I am TJ Fisher—THE most interesting realtor you will ever meet.

I love to work with a select number of real estate clients. You might be one. My real estate and life experience is nonpareil. My personality and depth of knowledge is inimitable. My strength is indomitable. There is nobody quite like me. Period. I jump in with a 24/7 commitment…zeal and devotion.

There is nobody in South Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, like me. Not a single person has my specifically unique vantage point, no, nothing close to my current- and past-life realm of understanding, knowhow, point of view, comprehension, awareness, background and vision. Well…I AM a priceless person! An asset. LOL.

My disposition and sense of humor are merely pink icing on the cake. Nothing about me can be duplicated.

I dare you to read on. Nobody will tell it to you like I will. They can’t. They don’t have the actual personal knowledge, not obtained from books. For your consideration…

I’m not just a realtor®…not a cookie-cutter realtor/agent. Oh no. I’m a well-seasoned realtor, with superstar status. Regarding real estate/real estate development, and the construction industry, I’ve been the owner/developer of major commercial and hotel mixed-used projects, including multiple Ritz-Carltons. I hold a Florida certified general contractor license.

I’m the consummate professional but yet entirely atypical and outside the box. FYI, this site provides nutshell “realtor” sum-up info on me. My testimonials speak for themselves. Top-tier powerhouse movers and shakers, even the real estate industry’s giants, and salt-of-the-earth people like me.

I keep confidences.

Unlike most realtors, a fat wallet doesn’t woo or wow me. I’m unfazed. Level of wealth or lack thereof is immaterial to my decision to work with someone. But when I do take on a customer, they can expect me to be on call. I’m always accessible.

A head and shoulders above typical real estate agents, I’m also a published author and longtime Producers Guild of America (PGA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), Writers Guild of America (WGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) member.

Most importantly, I also understand the complexities of extreme high-stakes endeavors, construction, business and civil litigation, in the manner few do. My experience is firsthand. Therefore, I am able to identify with and relate to any quite dramatic situation in way others cannot. Nothing shocks or throws me. I don’t have a problem with problem people, or controversy. Nothing I haven’t seen before or can’t handle.

I’m a fearless straight-shooter not a “yes” person. Hey, Google me – no secrets. I’m an open book. I don’t back down. I’m the real deal. No regrets.

Asset protection through real estate, and business battles, cannot be understood nor grasped by the uninitiated, the unexperienced. I know, I get it, firsthand. My opinion? Plan ahead. Proper wealth management through the investment into and acquisition of real estate and/or a Florida Homestead is essential.

Indeed, the best light to be found for famed and/or high-net-worth individuals is Florida. Florida sunshine to be specific is spelled “H-O-M-E-S-T-E-A-D.”

”Gold Coast” South Florida headquarters are unbeatable, in every way.

“The Island” Town of Palm Beach is a cultured and manicured and yet altogether “hot-haute” private place of great beauty, lifestyle, serendipity and new beginnings. Beyond elite and enviable, it’s the best, unparalleled.

Here is the world’s most special spot…where old-timers and newcomers to the Island can live, laugh, love, work, play, prosper, and shelter any storm… put the pieces together…gear-up to unfold a fresh chapter on new ventures and undertakings.

There is a reason that titans, captains of industry, hedge-funders, media moguls, rogues, pirates, misfits, villains, bad boys, shady persons, socialites, hipsters and the legally-challenged of all types tail-it to Florida. The noble and ignoble, the famed and infamous, alike, gravitate to Florida. The right footpath.

Further, the well-patrolled Town of Palm Beach, with a surreally low crime rate, has traditionally had an approximate 20-second police response time. The Town keeps a keen watchful eye on the streets. The tolerance for disruption and intrusion is low. Paparazzi not welcome. Palm Beachers are, well, Palm Beachers. The attitude is “guarded.” It’s not a comfortable environment for gawkers.

The issuance of Town of Palm Beach “parade” and demonstration permits are few and far between. For security purposes, all car license plate tags are electronically recorded by constantly monitored video cameras when vehicles come and go across the Intracoastal Waterway bridges. Three bridges cross over into Palm Beach proper.

Locals aren’t star struck and the Island isn’t a fertile soil for any type of a media circus; Islanders generally avoid hoopla and publicity as much as possible. The police department has a long legacy of holding the residents in the highest esteem, and putting their safety, well-being and protection first. The quality of life remains unmatched.

The paradise-found resort Town of Palm Beach is known for its extravagant villas, well-groomed gardens and sprawling Gatsby-esque estates is separated from the mainland by the narrow Intracoastal Waterway. The Town is home to roughly 9,000 full-time residents. A favorite destination for seasonal jetsetters, the winter population triples in size.

Many wealthy people are in fact intimated by proverbial “Palm Beach,” believing it to be one of the last bastions of quintessential WASPS, and all things related to WASPiness, old fuddy-duddies and high society grand-dame doyennes. Misconceptions abound.

In actuality, the Town is quite diverse, with many characters. All tribes are represented. Nowhere is entirely free of prejudices, stereotypes and snotty-snobby cliques, of course, as that’s just the way the world turns. Neither Jock Shock Harold Stern, President Donald Trump, Musician Jimmy Buffet, Radio Host Rush Limbaugh or Singer Rod Stewart fit the Lilly Pulitzer ethos of what a Palm Beacher is perceived to be, but they all live in Palm Beach.

The Town of Palm Beach is a global destination.

Palm Beach residents do not have to leave the Island for shopping, dining, beauty salons, dry-cleaning, houses of worship, etc., not for any other reason, unless they choose to. Everything is within biking and walking distance, or deliverable.

Storied Worth Avenue is world-class, comparable to Rodeo Drive. The renaissance of the historic Royal Poinciana Plaza jewel-box shopping area defines luxury and is making an international splash.

Many Californians and Arizonians are just now discovering what New Yorkers, Europeans, South Americans and others have known for years…Florida is the best state in which to put down roots and plant your flag. My advice is sound. I speak from familiarity.

I have previously relocated prosperous Forbes List CEOs to Palm Beach residences, and helped to reposition their extended families (grandmothers to grandkids), key employees and companies/businesses, to the Palm Beach/West Palm Beach, securing diverse residential to commercial properties, with great success.

The ease of travel in and out of Palm Beach is unmatched. Just a hop, skip and a jump. The airport is a 10-minute ride away from the Island, with commercial nonstop flights being plentiful out of (easy-to-maneuver) Palm Beach International Airport.

For private planes, premiere FBOs dot the airport perimeter. Signature and Jet Aviation are my two personal favorites. Alternatively, Boca Raton Airport is also an excellent private aviation facility and Fort Lauderdale Airport and Miami Airport offer a plethora of additional international commercial flights.

Aside from the availability and abundance of instant-Palm-Beach lifestyle persons for a toes-in-the-sand smooth transition — (i.e., architects, designers, decorators, landscapers, contractors, caterers, domestic staff, major domos, chefs, security details, party planners, secretaries, etc.) — Palm Beach boasts two topflight private schools for children, Rosarian Academy (Mary Raich admissions) and Palm Beach Day Academy (Meghan Albanese and Dorothea Cvelbar admissions) have rolling admission. Additional private schools are nearby.

Also, with nearby Wellington being the Winter Equestrian capital of the world [Winter Equestrian Festival] and a high-goal polo destination headquarters, there’s ample opportunity for beginner-to-advanced riding, jumping and equitation lessons, and the stabling/boarding/training of horses. Children often love riding academies.

Some major wow Palm Beach properties with Old World elegance and a glamorous presence like an Addison Mizner historic trophy house have a beach parcel.


Many South Floridians love their boats, all sizes and shapes. Run-abouts, speedboats, sailboats, trophy wooden vintage Trumpys and mega-yachts populate the waterways. Palm Beach boasts the city-owned public marina Boat Docks, Mike Horn dockmaster. Surrounding areas also offer a diversity in marinas and some Palm Beach “Lake” homes have boat dockage out the backdoor. Local Rybovich Marina is, of course, an industry leader. The rooster of notable clients is long.

Florida Boat Brokers are as plentiful as grains of sands, just like real estate agents, but there are low-key persons with ethics. For instance, my one distinguished Boat-Broker friend is 28-year captain with hard-to-find hands-on involvement in all aspects of vessels, from boat building to commercial fishing, private yachts to charters and sales, etc.

Very importantly, the Town of Palm Beach has a variety of on-Island Houses of Worship.

Judaism is well established in Palm Beach, with a rich diversity of congregations. Rabbi Resnick is the spiritual leader of Temple Emmanu-El (conservative but accepting and well-balanced, est. 1963). Rabbi Resnick is a California native and was previously at Rabbi Moshe Scheiner heads up the popular Palm Beach Synagogue (Orthodox). New Yorker Rabbi Scheiner is very charismatic. He is excellent for lifestyle changes.

The New Synagogue of Palm Beach is in the Palm Beach Hotel (Orthodox) with Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim and the Chabad House (Orthodox) has Rabbi Zalman. Off-Island, just across the bridge, is Temple Israel (Reform) with Rabbi Cookie Olshein and Rabbi Leonid Feldman leads Temple Beth El (Conservative, est. in 1924).

For the Christian faith, historic St. Edward Roman Catholic Church, Monsignor J. Klinzing, J.C.L., Pastor, and Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal, Rev. Harlan James Rector, are on the Island, along with the non-denomination Royal Poinciana Chapel, Dr. Robert S. Norris preaching, and Paramount Church, Rev. Dwight M. Stevens Pastor. Historic St. Ann Catholic Church is just across the Bridge, Fr. Nestor Rodriquez Pastor.

The Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians and Jews bring people of different faiths and cultures together in an effort to develop a better understanding and new appreciation of each other.

Good medical care is abundant in the area, with a variety of close-by medical treatment facilities and hospitals, of all types and specialties. Good Samaritan Hospital is just across the bridge from Palm Beach, reachable within minutes for ER care. More important than anything is that the first-responders Palm Beach Fire Department  EMT team are tops for urgent care response, stabilization and transport.

For the club-minded, Town of Palm Beach clubs include the Palm Beach Country Club, Sailfish Club, Beach Club, Bath and Tennis Club, Everglades Club, Club Colette and Mar-a-Lago. Each club has a distinct reputation. They are what they are. Many non-clubby Palm Beachers live quite happily, and contentedly, without ever stepping a foot into or making application to any of the clubs. The Town also has municipal tennis courts, the Seaview Tennis Center. The WPB Palm Beach Yacht Club is a favored dining spot, and there are a variety of additional WPB country clubs/golf & tennis clubs.

Perhaps best of all about Palm Beach is that the Town’s Building and Zoning Department codes allow for 6-foot privacy walls (and solid electric gates if so desired) in the front of private residences. This is true regardless of the actual size of the property, generally without any variance. The wall can then bump up to an 8-foot height alongside the home, and on the back-property line as well, for the total and complete privacy of an estate or mini-estate compound. Few municipalities nowadays allow such wall heights. West Palm only permits a 4-foot/6-foot ratio.

Palm Beach has always been a private enclave of tall hedges, lush vegetation and swaying coconut trees, a windbreak against prying eyes. The Town has a vibrant history with Florida East Coast Railway magnate/industrialist Henry Flagler and Prohibition-era casino operator/Kentucky Derby-winner Colonel E.R. Bradley, etc.

Nobody wants to leave Palm Beach. Very few are able to ever own a piece of it.

In order to get a quick, general feel for the area — a place where prices are subjective and buyers seek out and purchase “intangibles” attributed to the land and/or contained within the four walls — embedded live links to a mixed assortment of properties give a bird’s view.

What does the market look like here?

The Town of Palm Beach is divided into the areas of North End, Mid-Town, Estate Section and South of Sloan’s Curve. See the “Neighborhoods - Town of Palm Beach Proper Page” for more information.

The least expensive Palm Beach in-town cottages can go for $1.5 million. On the opposite end of the scale, for example, a posh estate homes fetch $50-$100 million, and the priciest area oceanfront compounds don’t raise eyebrows at $165 million or more. As is true with other highly sought-after locales, location, location, location.

As far as a compass point directional orientation goes, east of the water, coastal homes and estates located on the sandbar — the palm-fringed spit of sand sandwiched between the Intracoastal and ocean — stretch south down to Manalapan, and further, Delray Beach/Boca, and in fact further, still, down to Hillsboro Beach/Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale Beach…then onward to Miami Beach(es)…and the same holds true heading north…to Singer Island, Jupiter Island, Hope Sound and Stuart/Hutchinson Island… but…

There is only one Town of Palm Beach…

The bordering areas surrounding the Island of Palm Beach (the Palm Beaches) are vibrant and budding with “hip, cool, trendy” status, from eateries to entertainment, yoga to health spas, beaches to sightseeing and recreational activities, with highly-sought after adjacent neighborhoods and workplaces.

For instance, many Miamians dream to move to Palm Beach, full time. The fortunate weekend here. A long list of activities, things to see and do, places to go, people to see, line the coast. In fact, the entire state is pretty fabulous. From Disney World to Key West, and St. Augustine, everywhere further, and in between, nothing not to love.

Few Palm Beach realtors are native Floridians and even fewer have actually ever lived on the Island, much less for 35 years. Not everyone has known a top of the 1% way of life, chock-full of precious jewels, rare antiques, museum art, priceless collectibles, Mercedes G-Wagons, Jags, Rolls Corniche convertibles, classic cars and the Net Jet card, plus opposite-spectrum austerity and hardship, but I have. My head is well-balanced. I can handle the cards dealt. Period. I am known for my smile, tenacity and moxie.

I am a Palm Beach poster-girl.

That reminds me, be aware, the local Palm Beach Daily News (“Shiny Sheets”) generally profiles the seller/buyer details of Island properties that trade hands. They often look for backstory. If an LLC is involved, the paper seeks to learn the identity of who is behind the LLC. The Palm Beach County Property Appraiser website does not update (public online searches) property transfer transactions for several months until after a property has traded hands. Deed transfer affidavit documents generally appear in the Official Records very quickly, within days after closing. There are some methods of slowing down public knowledge and visibility of real estate transactions.

A parade of properties in the Town of Palm Beach, a relaxing secluded spot in which to hang out, carry a wide range of “make-me-yours” price-tags. A perfect place can be found for every level of financial net worth, and every up-down reversal of fortune.

Admittedly, some Palm Beach buyers buy homes without ever coming to Town or seeing the property, everything virtual. However, when visiting Palm Beach, many out-of-towners choose to stay at the fanciful Breaker’s Hotel. It’s a big, beautiful, splashy luxury resort property. Not far away, the glossy Colony Hotel and the leopardy Chesterfield Hotel are smaller, more intimate, each with their own unique vibe. South Palm Beach has the Four Seasons and Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa.

The seemingly off-grid West Palm Grandview Heights B & B/Boutique Hotel Casa Grandview is an interesting property, with separate private cottages where a guest may, perhaps, reasonably come and go unobserved.

Bright-line high-speed rail to and from West Palm receives the highest kudos. Regarding Island driving companies, beyond Uber, Park Limo has been around forever, but, for some, the more under-cover unseen and undetected, the better. Everything is conditional on how secret and incognito a person wishes to be, versus openly being spotted around Town.

As you know, taking the world by surprise is an art.

The Town of Palm Beach has a fine selection of chic and genteel lease homes and condos that can be contracted at a furnished “seasonal rate” (and longer if needed) to occupy while a Homestead is prepared after purchase…or even while house-hunting for that matter. The short-term rental market availability and inventory is always tight, with early bookings. Those from the Caribbean, Florida Keyes and Panhandle, and California, looking for alternative accommodations here, also impact the market as well as those who regularly vacation or reside here.

When it comes to establishing office space (if and when), depending on the size and scope of usage and needs, and the anticipated number of employees, the local marketplace offers a variety of choices for the near-perfect fit. Reception vestibules, communal areas, parking and other amenities all come into play. Lease space, condo-office space and a selection of zoned-commercial low-rise freestanding buildings are available.

To jump from one end of the spectrum to the other, Intracoastal-front high-rise offering convenient Class “A” space with a view are available directly across from Palm Beach. Lively Clematis Street and Downtown West Palm Beach is walkable for lunch, with no shortage of lively eateries. Palm Beach commercial real estate climbs into the mega-millions.

As an aside, if the adult children/extended family/valued employees of Palm Beachers do not reside on the Island, the Town of Palm Beach, per se, many enjoy the super convenient across-the-bridge historic district neighborhoods. These specific areas include El Cid, Flamingo Park, Grandview Heights, Mango Promenade, Prospect Park, Southland Park, Central Park, Old Northwood, SoSo and Clematis/Downtown.

See the “Neighborhoods - West Palm Beach Page” for more information and snapshots of each area.

Here in WPB on the so-called “other side of the bridge,” a good variety of charming historic and new construction homes can be found for purchase, ranging from several hundred thousand to several million. The area has a good sense of community. A diversity of alluring retro architectural styles is plentiful and renovated Spanish homes are popular. A to-the-studs renovation is commonplace. With that said, one newly-constructed WPB waterfront home with expansive views, located across the waterway from Palm Beach, carries a $13.5M price-tag. Everything is relevant.

Personally, I just purchased a small replacement Homestead in this West Palm Beach (WPB) historic area near the Antique Row Art & Design District, and love it here; I moved off the Island following being a 35-year Palm Beacher and the recent sale of my 20-year Homestead. A wide array of unfurnished/furnished for-sale or rental homes, townhomes and condos are available in West Palm.

It cannot go without mentioning, Palm Beach County is a terrific spot for hands-on low-profile/high-profile charitable causes. There is nothing wrong with success in life, as long as much is given back.


With 33480 being one of the world’s richest zip codes and home to the current Administration’s “Winter Whitehouse” Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach County also stretches through Belle Glade or “The Glades” (Lake Okeechobee-area agriculture and migrant worker farming communities/Gateway to the Everglades).

The Glades are the seat of some of America’s poorest, most poverty-stricken slums. The level of homelessness and living conditions rival some Third World Countries. Indeed, people do “mission trips” to the Glades.

The inspiration for Kennedy's famous observation, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required” can be found in Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” Touché. Everyone should have a favorite charity. For me, aiding the homeless is a logical complement to real estate acquisitions and transactions. This makes perfect logical sense as an offset of how to do my part in striving to help counterbalance life’s most uneven scales.

Well, back to Town of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach house-hunting.

The idea of a Homestead in the Palm Beaches will intrigue you. How could it not? The larger the acquisition, the greater the gain, as far as protected assets. For potential clients that click with me, I absolutely work on the utmost confidential basis. I will work harder than anyone, soup to nuts. I will hold your confidences. I will find the perfect property. I am utterly relentless and resilient, when on a mission. I am smart, loyal, trustworthy, funny, honorable, with a conscience, sharp-witted, can-do, and nothing discourages, overwhelms, intimidates or throws me. I’m a businesswoman.

Similarly, I understand the importance of how to work below the radar screen, with speed, stealth and discreteness. My clients can be assured of privacy and no tittle-tattle. Everything close to the vest. Unless, of course, customers wish to be in the spotlight and trailed by paparazzi.

I am an extraordinary 24/7 individual and realtor, a tour de force, which should be more than obvious my now, and I make no apologies for “Big Name” brokerages not being my cup of tea. I prefer to work somewhat off the beaten track in an independent boutique real agency setting, in ways that people are not aware, and shine.

Buyers and agents both have a choice of whom they work with in all-important matters of real estate, and it comes down to fit. I know I am the best fit for select persons.

A customer’s thoughts on establishing primary residency here, with a principle home, is compelling and pivotal to me, a blueprint. Receiving important information on an anticipated price range for the acquisition of a Homestead property, a real estate wish list, likes and dislikes, etc., is paramount to properly filtering properties, in order to get straight to the heart and bone marrow of the matter as quickly as possible. While long lead times in a closing may benefit all parties, I specialize in quick closings, buyers with time-of-the-essence motivations and concerns.

I have access to bridge financing, if needed or so desired, as well as the possibility of quiet real estate trades and off-market transactions.

I am always on standby to provide additional data and talk and meet with a client and/or your representative(s) and to also execute formal confidentiality documents, as needed or required.

I am a trusted person who can be counted on when confided in. Attorneys and advisors work well with me, as I have formal knowledge and street-smarts. Feel free to check me out, and make inquiries, A to Z. I am exactly what I represent myself to be. Yes, I have chutzpah, and, no, I never do anything the “normal” way.

And so, if I make an impact on you, contact me. I am NOT your typical realtor!

Sincerely, best regards,

TJ Fisher

Phone/text 561-818-7529


PS — And so. Pearls of wisdom. We’re all on our journey. Everything for a reason. A season for all things.

Remember, Golda Meir once said, that “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

I believe in Divine Providence, not coincidence. There are NO coincidence.

If we become client/agent, it is meant to be.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech once said, “‘In Jewish history, there are no coincidences.’ – Elie Wiesel. If you would have asked me my favorite Yiddish word, I would have said bashert. It translates into the idea that Wiesel so beautifully captured as aphorism in my favorite quote. The older I get the more I am astonished by its truth, both in a national as well as personal sense. The seemingly haphazard, random, and arbitrary events that comprise the story of our lives begin to form a coherent and purposeful narrative when we view them from a divine perspective. With the wisdom of retrospective insight, I have countless times learned to acknowledge that coincidence is but God’s way of choosing to remain anonymous.”

WE ALL DREAM IN GOLD ® / Preferred Luxury Real Estate @Ambassador Realty Corp.